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Maxen Media offers a wide variety of social media support, marketing, and management services with continued support! Whether you are brand new to social media or are already established but need a fresh look we can help either way!

Leveraging the power of social media can be a daunting task but we can take the load off for you. Our social media support, management, and marketing services gets things rolling right away! Start reaching more people with social media marketing and management right away!




Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram are primarily where our help is needed, however not only do we support Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media support, management, and marketing, we will work on all other platforms such as Linked In, Pinterest, Google +etc. All of these online social media sites draw in millions of people and it is imperative that if you are selling online or offline that you start tapping into these markets!! If you are reading this then just don't wait and contact us immediately to get started! We will save you time and money and your customers are already on social media so why not tap into them right now? Your competition is also on social media don't let them steal your customers any presence is better than no presence:)

@ Maxen Media we use all of the latest tips, techniques, and strategies taught by industry experts, and we blend them together with the newest technologies to help our clients establish trust and build relationships with buyers!

It is proven and tested that sometimes emotions can get in the way of business and with social media this is very common. It's hard sometimes not to be offended when a customer or client attacks the business you built, but responding with emotion can be a very bad move for your brand. When you hire us we act as a third non-biased party and that ensures that all issues are dealt with in a professional and positive manner, this will help avoid in potential damage to your brand.

Social media support, management, and marketing services include but not limited to::

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc account(s) set-up and design
  • Manually post to profile page(s) daily
  • Optimize images and content for best engagement
  • Monitor for reviews and content related to brand
  • Multichannel social network monitoring
  • Product promotion management
  • Marketplace PPC advertising set-up
  • We can work with all budgets!
  • Customer service and complete back-end management, and much more!
  • 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR!! FULL TIME SUPPORT!! We are always online!;)



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